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SSIS – variables takes initial value before using expressions?

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wait a second… Could it… Is it…

I have a pretty straight forward SSIS job using a bunch of expressions set variables and I was having something really weird: Every day, I would have an extra row with data from the same date 2009/07/15.  Even though I have more than one file for that day (2009/07/15), only the first file (which has one row) would be loaded. Then it loads the rest for the current day.

What happened here?! Of course when something like that occur, you check your sources.

The way things works, I got a date variable which is defined when calling dtexec with the day to be loaded (say 2009/07/19). Then this date is used to set the path for the files to be loaded: D:\Load\20090719.

The date variable was set to 2009/07/15. That very date for which I always get an extra row every single day.

I’ve changed it to blank. I’m going to run some tests to see what happens. Will keep posted later today 🙂


Written by Nicolas de Fontenay

2009/07/20 at 2:19 am

Posted in SSIS

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